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Beauty Top Tips

Even if you hate your breasts at the moment, try our beauty tips for breasts. Just think how a manicure makes your hands look better instantly, well it's the same for your breasts, treat them to a few beauty treatments too!

Never take very hot baths or showers as this can break down the skin's connective tissue which keeps the breasts pert.

Apply body lotions daily to moisturize the skin around the breasts. It is important to keep the skin around this area firm and toned.

Try not to spray the breast area with perfume as this will cause the delicate skin to dry and age quickly.

One instant way of improving your the appearance of your bust is to note your own posture. Do you stand with your shoulders back or rounded? Roll your shoulders back and watch your bust line improve instantly

Try to exercise the chest muscles at least three times each week. See our 'Breastercise' section. Exercising these muscles can give the bust a lift.

Wear clothes that show off your waistline, this will accentuate a bigger breast shape. Wearing horizontal striped tops is a brilliant way to accentuate your bust.

Halterneck tops are ideal for smaller chested women. They draw attention to your arms and shoulders whilst also enhancing your cleavage.


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