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Correct Sizing

It is not essential to the health of your breasts to wear bra. They are for comfort, changing shape or fashion.

An estimated 60-80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. This may not seem a major concern but it is very important for healthy breasts. Wearing an ill-fitting bra can lead to surgical intervention or other treatment.

You would not think of wearing clothes that are the wrong size so why bras? Wearing the right size bra can only enhance your bust. Imagine wearing trousers that were too tight or tops that are too big. It would look very unflattering. Wearing the right size bra can make the most of a flat chest.

First of all, the band should be lower in the back than in the front. And when you buy a new bra, the band should be on the loosest hook, while still feeling secure, so you can allow for a little bit of stretching to occur. Some girls just tighten the straps to make up for a loose bra, but that just results in the band rising up in the back. A band that is too high can cause neck, shoulder or back pain, and can leave indentations on your shoulders. The bra cup, should hold your entire breast, with no tissue being forced out of the top or the sides. You may also run into situations when you need a special bra to wear with an evening dress, halter or tube top. In this case you should bring the dress or shirt with you to ensure a good fit. And with all of the new trends in bra styles, sometimes it's hard to figure out if a bra that looks neat in an advertisement will be comfortable or appropriate for every day use. So next time you need to buy a new bra, use this sizing method and check to see if the bra is comfortable, and fits all of the above-mentioned characteristics. You will most likely find that you feel better, look better and are a lot less fidgety during the day!


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