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Nutrition and how it can prevent cancer.

There is a great deal of research to suggest that eating certain foods can actually help prevent cancer. Although there are a great many books on the subject, we have trawled through them to bring you some useful tips and information on how to alter your diet to include some cancer prevention foods. Taking an interest in nutrition and healthy eating can lead to a greater sense of well-being and an increase in self esteem. If we feel that we are looking after ourselves, with food or exercise our inner body harmony increases and we begin to like our body's more.

Cooking can sometimes feel like a tedious job. What should we eat? What have got in the cupboard? Often you'd rather be reaching for the phone to order your take-away than reaching for the veggies! In light of this we have given you a few basic tips for foods to look out for next time you are in the supermarket but further reading of the book 'Total Breast Health' by Robin Keuneke will provide invaluable information and recipes for 'breast healthy' meals!

Foods to Buy

- Shallots
- broccoli
- Flaxseed / unheated flaxseed oil
- Unheated extra-virgin olive oil
- Soy based foods/Tofu is a good option
- Fresh garlic
- Parsley / rosemary / raw spinach
- Salmon / rainbow trout / tuna / sardines / cod / herring
- Dark leafy green vegetables
- Raw vegetables
- Organic foods

Top Tip: Increasing your intake of raw vegetables can provide an important source of healing enzymes, which is a major factor in breast health.

Foods that should be avoided

- margarine
- heated /frying oils
- fried /grilled / burnt foods. Burnt foods produce toxins which can be harmful to the body.
- Highly refined supermarket oils

Cooking Tips

- Poach / steam / pressure cook food where possible
- Use fresh uncooked extra virgin oil, rather than cooking with oil, try a little water instead. Then pour the oil over the food at the end to add taste.
- Never microwave food in a plastic container
- Always filter tapwater

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