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Reasons to celebrate

There are so many reasons to celebrate having small breasts, here are just a few!

· Small breasts are as functional as large breasts for breast feeding

· They don't go saggy or droopy with age.

· They are a kilo of flesh less to carry around.

· You can do exercise without stray boobs swinging around and whacking you in the face.

· They are a symbol of femininity. Only women have breasts. Men desire womanliness and femininity in any shape or size.

· You stand a better chance of the male species talking to your face rather than your chest (though the majority will look at your breasts regardless).

· Your bras don't look like scaffolding.

· You can go braless with no fear of everything going south, although you still have the concern of perky nipple syndrome.

· Lying on your front is possible and even comfortable.

· Large breasts can cause chronic back pain, frustration in the underwear department and for men the novelty can wear off. As one bloke commented, 'After a while, they just get in the way'.

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