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What are breasts?

'Breasts are like fingerprints - never the same as anyone else's, which is also true of the size and colour of their nipples. No two breasts are exactly the same - each is unique.'

The main purpose of breasts is to produce milk. The breast is a mound of tissue composed of fat, glands, blood vessels, milk ducts, connective tissue and sensory nerves. The breast glands drain into a collecting system of ducts that drain through the base of the nipple surface. The darker skin that surrounds the nipple is called the areola. Both the areola and the nipple contain muscle fibres.

The nipple may stick out, be flat or inverted. The size can vary from being the size of a 10p piece to the size of a CD - all of these are perfectly normal.

The breasts are one of woman's most sensitive erogenous zones. When directly stimulated they can become 25% larger!

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