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The Independent recently discovered that women who have implants to impress or please their man may be wasting their time. "Men are far less discerning than women take them for," explains Phil Hilton former editor of Men's Health magazine, told the paper. "Men think all breasts are good and are delighted to have access to any at all. The idea that they are connoisseurs is inaccurate. There's no need for operations and scars and that kind of thing."

Phil Hilton's comment is key to understanding men's fascination with our cleavage. Breasts are hidden from men under clothes. It is a case of the supply and demand factor. Men want them and we do not give them to them (not very easily anyway). Men would be more than happy with whatever they got.

For men, proportion and shape is a determining factor. Bodies in proportion are far more attractive. If you are a small frame you would look ridiculous with massive boobs. Men love the curvaceous shape of breasts, have you never heard the saying, 'small but perfectly formed'?

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